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Hope Groups & Classes

At Hope we value Christ centered/Biblical teaching that is both relevant and life changing.  We put Jesus first, following his teaching and applying it to every area at Hope. We value Spiritual Growth.  We challenge people to repent and change in our sermons and we utilize personal Bible reading and Groups to create a culture where each person takes responsibility for thier own spiritual growth.  

At Hope we value strong Christian relationships. Groups are a priority for our members to experience Christian fellowship, where they can learn together, care together, have fun together, and learn to work out differences in a God pleasing way.

whatsnextWhat's Next?
This 15-minute orientation gives you a road map to follow as you discover the next step to connect with God and what he is doing in your church. What's Next is held the first Sunday of the month following the service.

startingpointsmall Starting Point
Where faith takes off. This is the environment designed to help you begin a friendship with God while making some new friends. Starting Point classes are held weekly for 6 weeks. Click here to learn more.

firstgroupsmall First Group
Take a test drive. First Group is your chance to test drive groups and experience what they can do for your faith. Learn what members at Hope can expect from their church and how to become a member at Hope.

Hope Groups meet weekly to study God's word, connect with other Christians, make new friends and grow in faith. Click here to learn more.

studentgroupsplus Student Groups
Students from 5th grade through high school are invited to participate in our Student Group that meets twice a month on Sunday evening.

kidsconnectlogosmall Kids Connect
Children 2 years old through 4th grade are invited to worship and learn about God's amazing love in an environment designed just for them! Kids Connect is at 10am on Sunday mornings.

Pre-Marriage Classes
This class is for engaged or dating couples.  Hope Pre-Marriage Class is boot camp for marriage.


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Did you know you can watch and listen to Hope's previous sermons and full series? It's easy, just click here to start watching.