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Serving at Hope

How to Serve

There are numerous areas to serve in at Hope.  All of the areas work together to create a great experience for our members and guests to connect with Jesus.  

Our serving system is based on a one year commitment to a service area.  The service year begins July 1.  (After three months you will have the opportunity to assess your fit in the role)  In June of 2015, you will have the opportunity to sign up to continue in the same role or make a change to a different area.

New to Hope?

If you are new to Hope you don't have to wait until the beginning of the service year to join the team.  We are happy to have you sign up at any time and will do everything we can to find a good fit for you.  Search for the right service role by reading through the job descriptions below.

After you have read the descriptions and identified the area you would like to serve in, sign up either online below or fill out one of the forms available at the Info Table on Sunday.  One of our team leaders will contact you to further explain the different roles available and to determine where your talents best fit.

Job Descriptions by Area

Sign Up

Click HERE to sign up for your area of interest.